About The League of Gentlemen FC

A Sunday league formed in 2006 The League of Gentlemen consisted of 1 division and 8 teams made up of Intra Mural teams from the universities of Newcastle, Edinburgh and Bristol with an average age of 24. It peaked at 18 teams and over 350 players ranging in age from 22-30 in 1012.

Now in its 11th year at Barn Elms we are 8 teams competing across 3 competitions. The League of Gentlemen, The Les Smithers Cup – named after Les Smithers who was one of the first referees to the league and who sadly passed away in 2011 and The Plate. As a league we organise the pitches (goals and markings done by Barn Elms), refs (run by Chris whose been with us for 11 years too!) and a website for Captains to easily update their scores.

We are always looking to hear from potential teams wanting to join the league and sponsors who would like to get involved one way or other. If you would like to get in touch please feel free to email Ru at Ruperthart@gmail.com

Can you all like us on Facebook please: https://www.facebook.com/theleagueofgentlemenfc